Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a common disease which is caused by close proximity to dogs who are, or who have been infected.

It is extremely common in the summer months, when dogs go into kennels whilst their owners are away on holiday. Because of all the dogs together, there is invariably an outbreak of this disease.

Symptoms include harsh, dry coughing, tiredness and loss of appetite. Occasionally the illness can progress to pneumonia.

Treatment may include cough suppressants to alleviate the symptoms and antibacterials to relieve the disease, though these will not eliminate the infection.

It is not uncommon for a dog to contract kennel cough at sometime in his life, and although it is rarely fatal, infectiousness can last for several weeks after recovery.

If you suspect that your dog has contracted the disease, immediate veterinary treatment is essential to alleviate suffering. You need to tell everyone whose dogs he has been in contact with. You must also keep him away from other animals for some weeks afterwards.

The disease can spread to other animals, including cats and horses.

There is now a nasal vaccination against this horrible disease, which involves drops into the nostrils, rather than an injection. This vaccination can be given to a dog of any age and it is safe for puppies as young as three weeks.

Ensure that your puppy has these drops to keep him safe from this nasty disease.

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