Newfoundland Insurance

Unless you are extremely well off, Newfoundland insurance is an essential expense when owning a Newfoundland dog.

Everything for a giant dog breed is more expensive, and that includes vet bills. Anaesthetics will cost more, because more is needed, medication will cost more, because a bigger dosage is needed. And overall, insurance for these dogs will also be more expensive.

Check very carefully when choosing insurance for your newfoundland dog. Do read the fine print to see what is and is not covered.

No insurance policy will include things like vaccinations, microchips or neutering. Most will not cover breeding costs either, and even if they do you will find that there are restrictions.

During Joshua's illness, the vet bill came to £2,500. That was for initial visit to the vet, blood tests, anti-biotics, more check ups, two days and nights spent in the vet surgery and a home visit. No scans, x-rays or anything.

His initial x-rays to diagnose his arthritis came to £900.

There are many insurance policies and many companies. Some will offer full life cover, but those can be very expensive for a newfie and out of most people's price range.

But there are cheaper options. Many insurance companies offer cheaper insurance but a lower limit on the amount they will pay. There is also a time limit on some.

With a dog of this size, I think it is also very important to have a substantial third party liability insurance, which is either included in or comes as an optional extra, in most pet insurance policies. Just think of the damage they could do should they accidentally knock over someone who is frail, or tread on a smaller dog and seriously injure him. You could end up being sued for a lot of money.

Argos Pet Insurance

Argos offer three levels of cover, silver, gold and platinum, going up to £7,000 vet fees cover. They also offer vet fees cover for older dogs, and a 5 per cent online discount.

Homebase Pet Insurance

Homebase also offer three levels of cover, going up to £7,500. They also offer a 10 per cent online discount and a 10% discount for insuring more than one pet.

John Lewis Pet Insurance John Lewis Pet Insurance offers vet fee coverage of up to £10,000. The policy also offers cover for physiotherapy, dental treatment and behaviourial problems, as well as £2million third party liability cover.

ProtectYourBubble Protect Your Bubble Pet Insurance has been featured in the Which Best Buy Table. They provide cover for up to £7,500 in vet fees, as well as death benefit and £1million third party liability. They also cover holiday cancellation of up to £2,000 and offer a discount for multiple pets.

As already stated, check your policy documents carefully. Many insurers offer cover which will begin immediately, whilst some have a ten or even 28 day waiting period. Many will pay death benefit to the full purchase price of the dog, some will only offer up to £500.

I have heard many people say that they put the money aside for vet fees, rather than pay for insurance. This is all very well if your puppy or dog does not become ill before you have enough saved, but my Joshua nearly died of heatstroke at ten weeks. His Newfoundland insurance paid for that which was very expensive. Savings will also do you no good should you get sued for an accidental and serious injury.

Peace of mind is always worth the expense.

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