Puppy Care for a Newfoundland Puppy

A Newfoundland puppy is very delicate. It is no simple task to care for their growing joints and sometimes it is quite upsetting, when you see them wanting to play and run and you have to step in and stop them.

Because they grow so fast, any strain on their joints can cause permanent damage. You must keep them at a slow walking pace when they are very young, as tempting as it is to let them have fun like any other puppy.

The rule for walking is five minutes per day per month of their lives. So, a three month old puppy should have no longer than a fifteen minute walk per day. This can be increased as they get a little older, but care should be taken that they do not run for more than a few minutes.

newfoundland puppy

You may find yourself disagreeing with well meaning but interfering people who tell you that he is fine to run - he is a puppy. I remember having an argument with the owner of a small terrier who told me that my puppy needed to be able to run. You cannot compare a terrier to a giant breed; you must learn to know that you know best, and walk away. Your Newfoundland puppy will suffer if you do not.

It is a fact of life that when you are out with a puppy, everybody assumes you need their advice - you don't. You will also find that a vast majority of dog owners firmly believe that a big dog must needs loads of exercise. Again, this is a mistake, especially whilst your puppy is growing.

You absolutely must not let him climb stairs, go down stairs, or jump into the car. This last may just get him into the habit of waiting to be lifted in, which you will not want when he is full grown! It is best to start off with a dog ramp, teach him to walk up it so that later on he is happy to do so.

Do think carefully about the cost of newfoundland food. You cannot feed a dog like this on cheap stuff from the supermarket. They need very special large or giant breed puppy food, in order that their delicate bones and joints grow properly. Look carefully at the ingredients: you don't want anything that is full of fillers and cereals and the meat or fish content needs to be the first ingredient listed. These foods are expensive, but they are what your puppy needs.

You may also find that the first time you take your puppy out on his lead, he will get as far as next door and lie down! This is very much a newfie trait and one you need to take gently, a little further every day until he is happy.

newfoundland puppies

He had a hard day playing with the hose pipe!

Newfoundland dogs, even adult ones, have a tendency to suddenly lie down and refuse to move. Ferdie used to do it all the time and still does on occasion, so do not decide to take him out before you have to be somewhere! You need lots of time, just in case.

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