Large Breed Dog Food

A good quality large breed dog food is essential for your adult newfoundland dog's continuing health.

Even as adults, a Newfoundland, like any giant breed, must have his joints maintained.

All the foods on this page are of the highest quality and specially formulated for large or giant breeds.

This is what my dogs were fed on as adults, from the age of two years

Royal Canin Giant Breed Adult

This is a superior quality complete kibble dog food specifically formulated for giant dog breeds.

Another excellent food for large breeds is Proplan. Pro Plan Adult Large Breed Robust Chicken & Rice - 2 x 14 kg

Eukanuba Adult Large Breeds Lamb & Rice - 15 kg

Hill's Nature's Best Canine Adult Large / Giant - 12 kg

Whatever you decide on, remember that not all foods suit all dogs. My dogs had to change from Royal Canin, as they cannot tolerate meat based dog foods, they have to have fish.

Fish4Dogs is one of the best fish based dog foods on the market, with no additives and nothing to upset delicate tummies.

Many modern dog owners feed raw food. Personally, I don't quite fancy it! Whilst they love a bit of raw meat as a treat occasionally, I don't think I would feel comfortable feeding it as a complete diet.

You need to do your research carefully and only you will know what food will suit your dog. But always remember to introduce a small amount of the new food with his regular food. The next day, decrease the regular and increase the new, but only very slightly. It will take about a week to ten days to fully change him over to the new food, but it is important that he does not have a sudden change of food.

If you are adopting an adult dog, I would not recommend starting the changeover immediately. Your dog is going to be unsettled for a few days being in a strange environment. It is not a good idea to change his food as well.