How to Make Liver Cake

Liver cake is a very simple recipe - even I can make it, and I never make cakes for the human inhabitants of the house!

300g liver
300g self raising flour
2 eggs
1 clove garlic
water / milk

Put the liver and flour plus garlic in a blender, whizz until like a thick paste. Put the eggs in a jug, add same volume of milk or water (I use water). Add the egg mixture to the blender and whizz some more until smooth. Pour into baking tins, bake 30-45 mins at about 180 centigrade.

Turn out of tins, divide into portions (makes about 8-10 good sized portions) and freeze until needed.

Warning: if your blender starts to struggle, you will find that bits of tissue from the liver are wrapped around the blades...remove these and carry on!

Further Warning

Before it is actually cooked, liver cake stinks! Choose a day when you can open all your windows!

All temperatures are centigrade

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