Gentle Newfoundland Dogs

Large Breed Puppy Food

Large breed puppy food, a guide to the essential food for your newfoundland puppy

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heat stroke in dogs

Heat stroke in Dogs, its diagnosis, symptoms and treatment

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Jake......the love of my life

Jake entered our life at 8 weeks of age. At the breeders, looking at his 210lb dad, I said, what have I gotten myself into! But one look into his beautiful

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About Me

About me and my love for Newfoundland Dogs

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Our Beautiful Big Boy

Our Beautiful, big, #220 Bronze Newfie, Mitch (Mitchell) was our heart. We adopted him at 7 weeks old. A Big red, ball of fluff! We are grandparents and

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Our new baby

Gertie was purchased fron a back yard breeder. We were told that they clipped her hair due to warm summer temperatures. Our vet thinks she's a Landseer.

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Gentle Newfoundland Dogs

Newfoundland Dogs, the gentle giants of the dog world, care, puppy care grooming and training

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Newfoundland Training

Newfoundland training. Understand the history and breed traits of the dog before you think about how to train him.

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Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog Training means training your dog to be a friend

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Newfoundland Puppy Housetraining

Newfoundland puppy housetraining is easy if you do it right

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Molly was born Jan 19 2014..We got her when she was 3 months old..She's the best dog ever and easy to train until you make her mad..aka leave her home

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Miss Jingles

We are a busy family of 6 and lost our dear Newfie in September. We just welcomed Miss Jingles into our home, she is 8 weeks old!

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Bear ♡ Joyce Walters

A blessing from God I believe. I am I'll and do not get out much. I had fallen into a depression. A friend of mine said I have something to cheer you up.

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Purchased as a 2 yr old we had many problems. Angus is my fourth Newfy but the first that I had ever seen be so aggressive. He did not respond well to

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Christine Iqbal

This is the story of The Boogies. The Boogies is the collective name for our clan of 3 Newfies, who are Yogi (Daddy Bear), BooBoo (Mummy Bear), and ChiChi

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The Gentle and Loyal Maximus

Maximus was our first Newfie. We got him at three months old. He was the puppy of the litter that you could NOT get out of the water trough! When we went

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Misha Bear

We've had Misha for just over a week now. She is 10 1/2 weeks old and is absolutely gorgeous. My three daughters who are 18,18 and 16 did lots of research

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Linky the newf with hip displacia :(

We got link when he was about 4 months old and he had always walked guny the breader sed he will grow into his legs but the other day I made dad take him

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Christine Iqbal

Just over four years ago I was passing by a pet shop and I saw a cute fluffy puppy stretched out in a glass display unit in the window - she gazed into

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My lovely Jessie

Had jessie when she was 6 weeks old bought her from nottingham and loved her from the minuite i saw her, she was a german shepard and georgous had a fantastic

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Here Hugo is 10 month old! Very stubborn, love's to eat plastic but is the most amazing baby to have around! I always wanted a Newfoundland and after

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Fred Story!!

I found fred on the round soo i pick him up off the road and took him home!!! The En

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Basic Puppy training

Basic puppy training for a Newfoundland Puppy

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Born in Russia raised in India, but 100% American!

In November 2010, while stationed in New Delhi, India, a gypsy caravan from Russia came through with 2 amazing puppies. These puppies were 4 weeks old

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Newfoundland dog breed

Newfoundland Dog Books. Want to read about the wonderful Newfie?

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Newfoundland dog breed

Newfoundland Dog Gifts, Newfoundland dog people love a newfie gift.

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Newfoundland Insurance

Newfoundland Insurance is essential for most newfie owners. Compare prices on this page

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Diva, my very first female dog.

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Large Breed Dog Food

Large breed dog food, a guide to the essential food for your newfoundland dog

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Dog Memorials

dog memorials. Share with me the heartache and memories of losing a much loved dog.

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